Medicine Shield for Boundaries & Fear Medicine

As I journey along my path in life, there are things that I come across that ring true to me and the Medicine Shield for Boundaries, Armadillo Animal Totem resonated with me very much.

I take a few moments to share this information with you here.

I had done a reading with the Medicine Cards by Jamie Sams and picked the Armadillo card this morning. It speaks to how the Armadillo can ball itself up and protect itself from all outside influences. The recommendation is to make a circle and inside of the circle you write all the things that you want in your life. Things that bring you joy, the desires of your heart, etc. and on the outside of the circle you write those things that you do not want in your life.

Some of the things that you may want are more joy, love, prosperity, a new home, a child, etc., some of the things that you may not want, gossip, jealousy, envy, bitterness, lack, etc.

If this is something that you find useful, then I encourage you to add it to your practice.

Another one that felt good to me was Rabbit Medicine. The Rabbit is the scared little bunny and attracts to itself all the things that it fears. The medicine to use for this is to write down all the things you are afraid of, feel the fear and let it run through you body, down into your feet and into the Great Earth Mother, giving it away that all of your fears may be transmuted and transformed into love. You can also burn the paper that you have written your fears on and scatter the ashes to the wind or putting the ashes in a plant.

In the ways of the Law of Attraction one of the things that is not spoken about is cleansing. By writing your fears and giving them away, is a cleansing of the toxins that are within the mind.

May these things help to empower us even more as we “go to our destiny.”

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Do You and Bless Us

Here is the audio version of this post

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Some folk are just jealous and envious of your progressing in life. Just remember, what they think about you is none of your business. You’ve got to do what you were born to do and be, because no one else can do it like you do, even if it appears to be the same thing.

You have your essence, your Medicine Gifts. You are unique.

When you are doing you, you may evolve to a point where you find that you no longer want to be in the presence of past friends and even family members. That’s alright. There is a time, a season and a reason for all things. Move on. Be all that you can be.

What you are is a Gift From the Great Mystery. What you make of yourself is your gift in return.

Live your life! Be a blessing to this world. Don’t hide your beauty, your essence, your radiance because someone says your should.

Walk tall and with honor. Be at peace and always do your best!

Your are a Child of the Universe. No less then the stars and the planets and you have a right to shine just as brightly!

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Let Us Pray

You know, when you are in love and loved, it is a very good and sparkly feeling. To love someone in such a manner that you laugh, play and pray together, enhances the experience of the relationship.

The following is a poem that I wrote as a tribute to love.




Listen to the audio .

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Let Us Pray!

The body, the first temple…sex a most powerful prayer!

Feelings of passion prevail…the senses open…waiting for you.

Beloved…let us pray. .this day…let us manifest our love, creating beauty!

Come… into the sanctuary that is ours…the place where we truly become one…

The ritual begins…

We light Candles placing them in the form of a pyramid that we may ascend to the heavens…We draw the Ancient Symbols of Healing upon the bed…and one another…we have energized our Sacred Space…and the magic of prayer is upon us.

Beloved Husband, Lover… Prayer Partner, come… let us lay upon the altar of love

It is time to surrender to the All That Is…Love

You sit…supported by Sacred Altar Pillows…you begin to energetically tattoo the very place where I will lay…opening the Divine Love Portal…the stairway to heaven.

As I look upon the man I love…I feel the Sacred Passion of all that we are…and all that we were born to do and I am renewed.

I give thanks for you…I give thanks for our Sacred Contract.

And now… I anoint your body with my kisses, beginning at your feet, tenderly kissing each one, gently placing my lips upon your sacred staff…briefly…softly caressing each finger of both hands…the hands that…take me there…to that place of wonderment

I touch your lips with mine…those lips that speak to me in a very tender manner…those lips that speak words of love…I anoint your eyes, the eyes that look upon me in such an expressive manner, those eyes that look deep within my very soul…and then…I place a kiss upon your All Seeing Eye, the Primal Eye, the First Eye, the Third Eye the Eye that observes all things…I kiss your crown, blessing the Spirit of Love that was made flesh.

And then…I lay in your arms as our flesh meets our spirit. We breathe the same breath, one rhythm

Fruits of the Womb Spirit…Gifts of the Goddess…you know this energy that lives within and gives birth to…the matrix…I am your genie…your wish is my command…rub gently…your magic lamp and manifest the desires of your heart…you begin to show me just how much you love me…you express yourself without words…you sense the Spirit of my Flesh and then you slowly move your hands over my body, touching my skin lightly, firmly, soothingly…you listen to my body…you hear my spirit talk to you. This is good. You take time to know me. It makes my heart rejoice! You make my heart rejoice! I give thanks!

As we connect…I surrender…saying the L word…speaking out the words I LOVE YOU!

It is such a joy to trust enough to lose myself in the rainbow of colors that dance in my mind as you tease my senses.

I feel the energy in the base of my spine…vibrating, tingling my inner core. The warm sensation runs all through me, I allow myself to feel the Serpent Goddess Kunda…rising within me…my kundalini is awakening! I am FREE!

The colors continue to dance within my mind.

Music plays in my head, I see… a past life…there I am dancing at the well…for you…

In my mind…I dance a prayer of thanksgiving for all the love that you bestow upon me. I feel joyous, ecstatic…at peace

I must honestly say that with you I experience a peace that surpasses all understanding. I give thanks!

A thought comes to mind…I listen to the voice speak…I hear the words…

Yes, my love…let us pray…every minute of the day…with our minds, with our hearts…and when the time is right…like now…we shall pray our Sacred Prayer…a prayer filled with Divine Emotion…intending all ways to manifest our love on earth.

From lifetime to lifetime…we embrace…the lessons of love…ever evolving to a state of grace…

The words spoken…I give birth…to our love…the Sacred Waters of Amrita flow forth from my Web of Destiny…my psychic senses alive…I know that we are blessed!

Your prayer…my prayer…one prayer…an orgasmic union of all the senses…I give thanks!

Now…we meditate…resting our bodies…our minds…our spirits…blending our healing waters…bonding closer and closer each and every time.

Thank you beloved…thank you.

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Checks Are Coming!!!

A few months ago, while thinking about the Law of Attraction and prosperity consciousness, a chant came to mind. It’s fun and will make you feel good while chanting it. What’s the chant? Checks Are Coming in the Mail Unexpectedly! And, I want you to know that it works for me and it has worked for others. Yay! Are you ready? Here it is…


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Simplified Hand Earth Ritual

Simplified Hand Earth Ritual

Ritualistically, wash your hands with some Florida Water or Rose Water and if you don’t have either one of those, just use clear cool water with intention to cleanse away all the negative energy.

Go outside, preferably, find a spot where you will kneel upon the Earth. Open with praise for all the Mother Earth provide, food, clothing, shelter, nurturing and for the Great Womb that She is.

Kneel down, placing your hands upon the Earth Mother and speak of those things that you want to fill your hands, be it healing energy for the work you do, or resources that you may require or for financial abundance.

Feel the energy run through your hands, chant, pray, hum, sing praises of thanksgiving, then be still and sense your request coming up into your hands.

You can also use the Afformations method. Why am I so blessed to be so rich? Why am I so blessed to be a great healer? Why am I so blessed to have loving relationships? Why am I so blessed to have a great paying job that I truly enjoy? Why am I so blessed to work with wonderful, kind, considerate, caring, people? You get the picture.

You can then move on to the Affirmations by saying I am rich! I am blessed beyond measure! Etc.

When you are finished feeling, sensing and praising, give thanks by leaving a gift, cornmeal or coins is always good but you can also leave flowers or bury a crystal in that spot.

If you are not able to go outside to the Earth Mother and you have a plant, then use it as a symbol of the Earth Mother. Place your hands around the potted plant and follow the above suggestions for this ritual. Upon completion, pour a little water into your plant as a thank you offering for the fulfilling of your request.

This would be considered a maintenance ritual to be done anywhere between the New and Full Moon.

Enjoy and be blessed!

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Raped Not Ruined

Rape. An invasion of one’s personal space. A takeover of one’s body.

Far too many women and men have been raped and it still goes on. Fathers raping daughters. Uncles raping nieces. Priests molesting and raping little boys. Date rape. Some experience more violent rape than others, like the women in the Congo that Eve Ensler talked about in her video presentation that I shared, Embracing Your Inner Girl.

I give thanks for all who step forward to share their stories. It is time. The healing continues.

I invite you to listen my story and the healing that took place within me. Awaken the Diva Within and be renewed!

Part 1
Part 2

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Knowing That You’re Already Provided For

There are times when we feel as if there is not enough, whatever that “not enough” is. When we surrender to the knowing that we are already provided for, then we move through life with more ease and grace. I invite you to take a few minutes to listen to the video that you may be inspired, uplifted and encouraged.

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The Power of the Sacred Dance

I love to dance! It is prayer in motion. Dancing allows us to connect with a deeper rhythm that lives within and pulsates throughout, around and all the way down to the very core of Mother Earth. In the following, I share more with you on my thoughts about dance and the power of movement.


The Power of the Sacred Dance

In ancient times, woman as Priestess, as Goddess, danced the Sacred Dance in the beauty of her nakedness. She danced in the temples, on the hills, in the valley, by the ocean, in caves and in the desert. The Sacred Dancer connected herself to the entire universe. She was one with all things. The dance was not only a way of telling the story of life it was a celebration of life itself. Uni-Verse. One Song. The Song of Love.

Women knew the magic and the healing power of the Sacred Dance. They knew that by dancing together and for one another that they were doing the work of the Great Mother Goddess. They enjoyed a direct connection to the Divine Femi9 Energy.

At some point in history, the Dance of Life became misinterpreted and seen as lewd. Patriarchy began to set the tone for the Sacred Dance. Man must have felt threatened by the Movement of Life and chose to restrain and contain women in their most natural state of being.

Women were told that only a “certain kind of woman” would move her body in such a manner. It was not seen as a birthing, fertility dance that kept the body strong, healthy and supple, it was seen as “dancing with the devil.” Women began to lose themselves and many diseases of the womb and the body as a whole is a result of constraint.

Woman, loose thy self! Free your mind and free your body that you may once again enjoy the feeling of movement for the sake of a more harmonious life.

We of the womb energy are beginning to get back in touch with our natural movement. In my heart, I know we can become whole again by connecting to that Sensual Spirit, hidden deep within.

Dance and your heart will be joyful. Dance, feel and connect to your inner wisdom and power.

Dancing is meditation in motion. Dancing is prayer. Dancing is a way of expressing “praises for the world.” Let’s dance and manifest a better world, for All Our Relations.



“Dancing stimulates the unconscious mind, which leads to expanded consciousness, and eventually and expansion of the personality. It heightens life and gives one a feeling of wholeness.” Rosina Fawzia – Al-Rawi (Grandmother’s Secrets)

“The Goddess holds the key to the most ancient forms of sacred dance; she is inextricably linked to dance. Dance was the principle form of worship of the Goddess. In some cases, in addition to her role as creator, giver, and protector of all life, the Goddess herself was a dancer, celebrating through dance the cycles of the seasons and the cycles of life. It is here then, with the Goddess, that we begin our journey into the world of sacred dance.” Iris J. Stewart (Sacred Woman, Sacred Dance)

“Dance, erotic or otherwise, builds sexual energy.” Suzie

Did you know…?

…that dancing quiets the mind and the spirit?

…that when one does head circles and swings it from side to side, it stimulates the cranium which is the neck’s nervous system?

…that when you shimmy your shoulders, work the rib cage and perform serpent like arm movements, you are stimulating the nerves of the heart and lungs?

…that when you work your belly in a certain manner, you are stimulating the stomach, liver, gallbladder, spleen, and small and large intestines. The belly activity also activates the solar plexus “seat of the will.”

…that the pelvis is stimulated by swinging the pelvis and all hip variations. This area is also connected to the sigmoid colon, the rectum, the bladder and the gonads.

…that the back is strengthened by all head movements, shoulder exercises and pelvic movements.

…that all parts of the body are linked to the spine and the pelvis supports the entire body. Therefore, each movement is dependent on the flexibility of your pelvic region. These parts of the body are moved by the largest and strongest muscles in the body, the buttocks and the upper thighs. The strength of the body rests on the flexibility of the lower abdomen.

The Sacred Dance is great for health of the body and it helps you to reconnect to the sensualist, artist, healer, flirt, Mother Earth, one who imparts knowledge.

Source: Grandmother’s Secrets by Rosina-Fawzia Al-Rawi
Sacred Woman, Sacred Dance by Iris J. Stewart

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Elizabeth Gilbert: Nuturing Creativity

I really enjoyed this video of Elizabeth Gilbert, the author of Eat, Pray, Love. Many of us have that creative streak that speaks to us and sometimes, we actually fear what might become of us if we do or don’t do what we hear our Muses say as they whisper into our ear.

Elizabeth shares her musings on the energy of the creative genius and what is expected of them. She’s funny and brilliant.

Yes, it is time to nurture your creative genius. Be inspired. Be empowered. Be uplifted.

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Malika Sarabhai: Dance to Change the World

A number of years ago, I had heard the story or pataki, of Oshun, an Orisha from the Ifa Tradition of the Yoruba tribe in Nigeria. Oshun is the youngest of the Orisha and quite beautiful. The story was about dance, the dance that ended war. I thought to myself, now that sounds good and sexy. I like that.

Here is the story as I remember it…Oshun came across a village of women. All of them were crying. Oshun asked, “Why are you crying?” The women informed her that all of the men were off to war and the women, the wives, the mothers, the sisters, the aunts, were not happy at all. Oshun said to these women, “Stop crying. Come let us dance.” The women all gathered together in the village and they danced and danced and danced.” The men came home. The war ended.

I have to laugh when I remember a brother asking me, “How are a bunch of gyrating women going to change the world?” Hmmm. He didn’t know the story of Oshun or the power of rhythm in the womb of a woman.

Malika Sarabhai shares how the arts are a way to change the world. She shares some beautiful stories in this video. Take a look and enjoy.

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